Domock LMS is incredibly especially extremely beautiful e-learning platform

for the next generation that aims to help achieve their targets in an unforgettable experience. Domock can be utilized for both web based training and instructor led training.

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Self E-Learning Platform

Everything you need to study online today

• We try to make the learning and practicing less expensive, less time consuming and with More FUN!
• For those who love self pace learning. Any individual can study online, be a student or any professional person
• It is a very intelligent and a simple platform which makes your learning in a very organized way
• Select any course from bunch of courses which keeps adding regularly

Enterprise Platform:

Domock Enterprise Platform is to run an online training and collaboration program for your students, employees, partners or customers with real time sharing and tracking of all learning experience.

• Our fully managed hosted platform offers a secure and reliable environment
• Conduct screening tests and publish results • Ensuring the best availability of your training and learning material with powerful application
• Unlimited storage, unlimited courses
• Application on a dedicated and auto scalable solution. You are not on a shared infrastructure

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Education Platform:

Domock Education Platform is best suitable for educational institutes or universities. Utilizing the power of Domock platform they can enable their students to learn, collaborate and share the learning experience online.

• Utilize the social learning concept for your students
• Create different batch of students based on their learning stream
• You can use the Tutor Accounts to distribute the work and manage the courses and test