Domock Hyperlocal is a flexible secured high scalable solution for local channel marketing

Domock Hyperlocal is a mobile based platform which automates the entire process of order fulfillment. It helps the organization to improve customer's on-demand experience.

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Local Commerce:

  • Domock Hyperlocal is a local m-commerce mobile platform
  • It organizes the whole delivery system in an effective way
  • Better customer satisfaction by connecting everyone on mobile devices
  • All stakeholders can do their day-to-day operations on mobile devices

  • Order Fulfillment:

  • Minimize seller's operational issues
  • Reduces day-to-day delivery challenges
  • Eliminate expensive applications
  • Improves market reach
  • Better customer interaction
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    Improve Delivery Tracking:

    The biggest challenge in any retail delivery system, is proper tracking of order. Our solution removes the barrier of this tracking by bringing together all the stakeholders – Selling Team, Delivery Team and Customers